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ShapeShift Exchange

ShapeShift offers an easy crypto to crypto trading functionality from one coin to another and is primarily intended to be used as an API integration. All ShapeShift API partners are required to implement oAuth and support ShapeShift membership.

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Want some help getting started?

Update your KeepKey firmware to v6.1.0+ to begin:

KeepKey Updater (mac)   KeepKey Updater (pc)

ShapeShift Platform 

The ShapeShift Platform is a web interface built to securely manage your crypto and is compatible with Portis, KeepKey, Trezor, and Ledger.

We’re excited to collaborate! Submissions to our open-source project will be reviewed by our team. Not all projects will be added to the platform. Submissions will be chosen based on various factors, such as additional work required.

For questions, please contact us. 

Exchange API

Our real-time pricing and market data is pulled from thousands of markets. We provide transparent and accurate data for asset price and availability. Use CoinCap's free and open API to integrate real-time pricing and market data into your website or application.

Methodology (https://coincap.io/methodology)

For questions, please contact 
support here.

CoinCap API

Security Vulnerabilities

If you would like to disclose a vulnerability to ShapeShift, please email [email protected] with the word [VULNERABILITY] in the subject line.

Please take a look at our responsible disclosure page for submitting details. 

Responsible Disclosure

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KeepKey secures your private keys offline using cold storage, ensuring the highest level of security for your crypto. It was the second hardware wallet on the market, created in 2015 and acquired by ShapeShift in 2017.

Looking for the original KeepKey Client? Download here

For questions, please contact: [email protected]

KeepKey Github

HDWallet Library 

Applications that want to interface with multiple wallets need to build an integration for each wallet. Our HDWallet Library solves this problem. It allows your code to call one HDWallet function, and depending on the wallet you are connected to, HDWallet will translate that call to the specifications that each wallet type requires. 

Open-Source HDWallet