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Pair your Ledger to enjoy the ShapeShift Platform. 

  • Go to Beta.ShapeShift.com. 
    Get started without an account, or create a verified account in order to buy bitcoin and trade. 
  • Select "Connect Wallet" and choose Ledger.
  • Click "Pair Ledger" to begin.
  • Follow the prompts to connect your device.

Click here for a step by step walkthrough or contact support with any questions.

Get Started

The Ultimate Crypto Platform

Buy Bitcoin with USD

  • Buy Bitcoin, Ether, and Dai from your bank account with fees less than 1% 

  • Your crypto is deposited directly onto your Ledger once it processes. 

Portfolio Performance

  • Visualize your portfolio performance with a powerful dashboard 

  • Track performance with graphs, sparklines, and real-time value movement

Hardware Security 

  • Enjoy a free upgrade for your hardware device - no account required. 

  • Retain control of your keys while enjoying an intuitive web interface. Your hardware wallet only needs to be connected for signing transactions

Free Trading with FOX

  • We add no commission, spread, or trading fees to our rates thanks to FOX tokens. 

  • Trade between dozens of assets quickly and easily, confident you're getting the best rates.


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Ledger is Supported in the ShapeShift Platform

Connect your Ledger Nano S or Nano X to easily manage your crypto on our intuitive platform, built for hardware.


Ledger users who create a ShapeShift account will receive 10 FOX tokens, which unlock free trading at ShapeShift.com.