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ShapeShift Trading

  • Seamlessly buy and sell
    dozens of assets directly
    in the trading platform.

  • Trading is non-custodial, so there’s no need to trust a third-party.

Hardware Security 

  • Utilize the best practice of offline, hardware security.
    Retain control of your keys while enjoying an intuitive web interface.

Portfolio Performance

  • Visualize your portfolio performance through graphs, sparklines, and real-time value movement
  • View your dashboard balances any time, anywhere. Your hardware wallet only needs to be connected for signing transactions.

Real-Time Market Data 

  • Get real-time market prices and historical data without ever leaving the platform
  • Enjoy a clean experience, free from ads.

How it Works

  • Create a free verified account to become a member. 

  • Check your email - your $10 KeepKey link will arrive in 15 minutes to three hours. 

  • Follow the link in your email to purchase a KeepKey for only $10.

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KeepKey Hardware Wallet for Only $10 With Membership

What is KeepKey?

KeepKey is ShapeShift's premier hardware wallet. A hardware wallet secures your private keys offline in cold storage. 

I'm a member, where is the discount?

Once you've verified your membership you'll receive an email with a link for a members-only KeepKey. It may take up to three hours to arrive depending on when your account was verified. If you've been a member since before October 3rd or you never received an email, please contact us. 

What is the ShapeShift Crypto Trading Platform?

A comprehensive web interface that supports KeepKey and Trezor and allows you to securely trade, track, buy, sell, and hodl dozens of assets. Enjoy an innovative UI while your private keys remain offline.

Complete Crypto Management




Get a KeepKey for Only $10 When You Sign Up