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Seamlessly manage your crypto through our intuitive web interface - track, buy, sell, send, receive & hodl. 

Plug in your Trezor now to explore the next evolution of cold storage.

Complete Crypto Management

ShapeShift Trading

  • Seamlessly buy and sell
    dozens of assets directly 
    in the platform

  • Trading is non-custodial, so there’s no need to trust a third-party

Hardware Security 

  • Utilize the best practice of offline, hardware security 

  • Retain control of your keys while enjoying an intuitive web interface

Portfolio Performance

  • Visualize your portfolio performance through graphs, sparklines, and real-time value movement

  • View your dashboard balances any time, anywhere. Your hardware wallet only needs to be connected for signing transactions

Real-Time Market Data 

  • Get real-time market prices and historical data without ever leaving the platform

  • Enjoy a clean experience, free from ads

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